Gudur Information

Get the recommendation very more or less the gudur .Gudur is third biggest town and municipality,in Nellore District in the alive up obligatory connection of Andhra Pradesh. In India, is the largest cattiness in Nellore and a no investigate no evaluate toting going on municipality.It is placed 37 KM towards South from District head dwelling Nellore.


Gudur is a town in Nellore district of the Indian make a tidy breast of Andhra Pradesh. It is a populated area and the central office of Gudur mandal and gross will.Agriculture is the backbone of the system .present the close villages' farmers mostly pick to grow lemon trees. They trade good lemons in translation to the country and in put in to to late buildup countries.Gudur's lemon market is one of the huge lemon markets in Andhra Pradesh.

Gudur is a small place that merged mica .The mica arranging in marginal note to Gudur is reasoned the 2nd largest place in our country. The mica deposits are established in Spot of in use of electronic material, region material in paints district capably as in joint-pin as a dusting section. And is more used in the composition of plastic, in social class and in restraint rod. In India, the big mica-place of Andhra Pradesh are in Gudur.


Gudur is tremendously baking in summer. The town is quite often affected by cyclones and has an approximately nonexistent season. The best time of year to visit is from October to March. The east-central part of town is full often during the rainy season subsequent to people lining bad luck. This is due to the indifference of the administrative government and the uncontrolled swamping of fields by the general people.Its a commiseration that Gudur does not have any beautiful structure. Terrible roads and bad waste system put in to the rainy season suffering. Small was furnishing for the construct occurrence of the conditions.Conversion and laying roads will holdall occurring this place.


P.Gopinath is themunicipal bureaucratof the city and Ponaka Devasena is theMunicipalChair Person Town began during the Chola Family. It is evaluate that Cholas build Alaganatha Swamy temple. Future the town formed about this house of prayer. It is the feature-sized temple in Gudur. The satavahanas, cholas, pallavas, telugu cholas, kakatiyas, vijayanagara kings, and golkonda nawabs subordinate this area. The municipality is benefit linked related to the records of Venkatagiri which is close by, 42 km from Gudur. Shridi Sai baba House of prayer,Narasingarao pet,Gudur, This is Old Temple Conception at 1938,at that historic period baba informed to build the temple.